An Uttarayan prerequisite, chikki with its nuts and jaggery mixture marks the onset of winter owing to its nutritious values. But orders go high during Uttarayan as this brittle, crunchy, hard boiled confectionery makes for the perfect pick-up snack when flying kites. You won’t ever find a Gujarati home sans chikki. While tal papdi and shing chikki are the regulars, there are the mamra (puffed rice), coconut, chana and dry fruit varieties also to look out for.

In regions of North India, especially Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, this sweet is called Layyiya Patti. Similar dishes are also very popular in Brazil, where it is known as pé-de-moleque, and in Paraguay, where it is called Ka’í Ladrillo.

However, no place is as famous for its chikki as is lonavala !!

As one reaches Lonavala, the large number of chikki shops that are strung out in the tiny lanes is daunting. Worse, every second one is called Maganlal Chikki — an attempt to cash in on the legacy of Maganlal Seth, the man to have pioneered chikki-making here.

To see more types , shapes and colours of chikki, log on to and go onto the sweet tooth tab.

We would like to see the chikki you ate this season. Post your chikki pics and stand a chance to become our chikki experts.

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