The Many Colours of Food

We at Foodatoo had touched upon this topic on our FB Page in the early days when Foodatoo was just an idea floating in our heads.
But in the 2 months since then we have come a long way and have our site up and running in the soft launch stage. This can be accessed both via your laptop and mobile at
And since Foodatoo was born we have started noticing food around us.  And there is one thing we have realized that unlike any other thing, FOOD is not bound by any of the rules we presume to put on it, even the “rules of colour”. Conceptions like “Half your plate should be greens as it is healthy” or avoid “white foods completely” are seeing a remarkable change.  Now black is the coveted colour!!!!!\
And the more we noticed (food networking and food pics shared on our site also helped in this) we saw that the myriad colours of food are breathtaking.  We are talking reds, purples, whites, browns, blacks (though some people argue that white or even black are not colours)
So from your healthy fruit to your junk-ie satisfaction all the colours manifest themselves in every food group.  Now you don’t have to avoid anything just eat healthy and indulge to satisfy your cravings.
And we here @Foodatoo endorse the indulgence completely.  Trust us, working with food pics on a daily basis makes the team a hungry hippo!



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