Veggies – Healthy (and free!!!!)

So yes we love love veggies.  And for all the people who are ‘non’veget2rians’ yes we also love white and red meat.

If you want to read about the free offer then you can skip to the last 2  paragraphs, though we think you should read the entire blog.

But at the end of the day Vegetables give your body the fuel it needs to keep functioning.  Well, it is true and you cannot except them no matter how hard you try.  I can bet that all mothers forced their child into eating vegetables (How else will you grow up and become strong) Well that applies for milk too, we agree but more so for the veggies.  Broccoli, Capsicum, Okra, Brinjal…you name any and it was the the bane of your existence and made your meal times  less fun. Yes we know you were one of them

Now now when you eat the chicken in red wine sauce with mashed potatoes you might want to add some veggirs to balance the calories and guilty.

And if you think it is a waste of money to buy vegetables instead of the bottle of wine you have been eyeing then we have a solution for you (at least for the Mumbaikars).  for the rest of you this post is a lesson, actually more of an advise to DO THE RIGHT THING AND EAT HEALTHY (well a little bit at least)

For the people living in Mumbai well Andheri and Vile Parle then we have a great offer for you.  .Put up pictures of  Home Cooked food on (If you have not registered yet then you are really missing out) and stand a very close chance of winning a basket full of free veggies from vi-sa (the store keeps all veggies from that you want) deliverer t you.

For other Mumbaikers you can pick up the basket and also please read above. We assure you we will be getting similar offers for you in the future….

Love and Lots of Food





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